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The best way to shop for a house is having your financial ducks in a row, so-to-speak. Having a pre-approval agreement in your hand helps tremendously when negotiating with realtors. Choosing the right product that fits your situation depends on several factors. We will help you define those factors and simplify the process. The result will be the right loan, allowing you to shop with confidence. Contact us to get started.

Conventional Loans

These loans are not insured by the Government but are backed by Fannie Mae or Freddi Mac. These loans can come in adjustable rate or fixed rate for almost any term including 15 or 30 year periods. Programs are available with as little as 3% down. Obviously, the more down payment invested, the better your loan can be but, if you’re ready, we have a loan for you. Contact us today to get started.

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FHA Loans

These loans are insured by the Federal Housing Authority, a government agency. FHA Loans are the most popular loans in the US. The keys to this are:

  • A Lower Down Payment-Usually as low as 3.5%
  • No Minimum Income Requirement – A Credit Score of 580
  • Allows for Higher Debt to Income Ratio

We have all the details and can work with your situation to deliver a great rate.

VA Loans

A Missouri VA Loan has a wealth of financial perks including:

  • No or extremely small down payment for qualified applicants.
  • No PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance).
  • You can pay off the loan without penalty.
  • $0 or very little down payment.
  • Specific resources can be enabled to help avoid defaulting on the loan.

There are some rules we will need to follow such as a Certificate of Eligibility, but the best part of a VA loan is that it can be reused. This means you don’t have to be a first time home buyer. Talk to one of our professionals about setting you up with a VA loan.

Fixed Rate Loans

Fixed rate loans are exactly as they appear. They come in any term length, including 15 year and 30 year periods and once the rate is locked in, it won’t ever change. If the interest rate increases your rate will always stay locked.

Adjustable Rate Loans

Adjustable Rate Loans are also exactly as they sound. The loan rate will fluctuate with the lending market over the life of the loan. There are some protections available that will restrict the borrower to a minimum and a maximum rate. We invite you to give us a call to learn more about all of our offerings.

USDA - Jumbo & Non-QM Loans

USDA Loans are an excellent vehicle for rural area homes. They have income limits but you can receive very low rates with little to no money down.

Jumbo Loans are mortgages for amounts that are larger than the local limits. Jumbo Loans don’t always need 20% down and, in most cases, they don’t have a PMI requirement.

Non-QM Loans or Non-Qualified Mortgages are loans that use more non-traditional income verification methods. An example is self employed borrowers.

We have a loan product that can match your needs, income, term and budget. Contact us today to learn more about these products.